Drain Maintenance

Drain Maintenance is an important aspect of our work and an increasingly favoured service by our customers. Many recognise the importance of drain maintenance as a preventative measure to ensure drains remain clean, rodent free and are clear or blockages and obstructions that may cause more significant problems in the future.

Kent Maintenance Limited provides a comprehensive range of drain maintenance solutions not only to pipe work, but will also inspect, clean, replace and repair manhole covers, drain grates, inspection access points, gullies and pits.

Regular Drain Maintenance can:

  • Identify Root Intrusion
  • Catch early waste build-up
  • Diagnose potential blockages and risks
  • Identify obstructions and obstruction risks
  • Establish early signs of rodent and vermin infestation
  • Pinpoint cracks and weak-spots in pipe work
  • Identify damage and general wear and tear to inspection pits, gullies, manhole covers, grills and grates

Our maintenance services are contracted to meet your individual needs and to provide the best preventative solutions possible.

Call us today on 01634 960918 no matter how small or large your drainage need.

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