Drain Blockages

Blocked drains come in all shapes and sizes and blockages occur for many reasons. Accidental obstruction, a build up of fats and tree root intrusion are just some of the drain blockages we deal with on a daily basis. No matter the cause or the type of drain or drainage system, Kent Maintenance can help. We have the experience and specialised equipment to identify and resolve all types of blockage.

Image of a blocked drain being cleaned

Often blockages occur causing inconvenience and disruption. Kent Maintenance Drainage can investigate instances of recurring blockages and provide long-term solutions, such as regular drain maintenance, repairing damages drains that cause blockages, and in extreme cases replacing the blocked drain.

Our range of drainage services cover:

Drain BlockagesObstruction Removal, Root Damage Resolution, Damage Repair/Replacement.


Manual BlockagesDrain rods, gully grabs, Aco Systems.


Mechanical BlockagesLatest 3000psi high pressure jetting unit up to 90 meters.


Drain CleaningPressure Jets, Bacteria Protection, Fat Removal and Fat Traps.


Emergency Call-Out1 hour emergency call-out response.


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